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Adventure Guide in Italy

Becoming an Adventure Guide

Adventure Guides are expected to juggle a myriad of tasks and daily logistics, and to exhibit initiative and resourcefulness while creating an atmosphere of fun for guests of all ages.

Adventure Guides should be able to share their curiosity about the world and enthusiasm for travel with our guests. They should appreciate the intricacies of various destinations, cultures and people, act instinctively as an ambassador to the regions they guide, and serve as a storyteller for all who join them on the adventure.

Adventure Guides should have the right balance of enthusiasm, professionalism, compassion and resourcefulness. They should be supportive, patient, timely and caring. An Adventure Guide is always focused on the guests, and intuitively knows when to add those special touches that allow for creation of magical moments for each and every guest.

Is Being a Disney Adventure Guide for You?

Adventure Guide with Guests in GreeceThe life of an Adventure Guide is challenging and rewarding, but is not for everyone. Before discovering a new career with Adventures by Disney™, here are some questions to consider:

Adventure Guide Compensation

Adventure Guides are paid an hourly rate that is very competitive within the tourism industry. This amount is supplemented by guest gratuities.

Adventure Guides are paid on a trip-to-trip basis, and all lodging and food are provided while working.

Language Ability

Guide with GuestsCurrently, we are considering the following languages when assessing suitability to lead trips in destinations where these languages are spoken: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. The following are the classifications of language skills:

Candidate has a basic grasp of vocabulary and ability to conjugate most necessary verbs in the present tense. Could order food from a menu, ask basic questions and comprehend answers.

Candidate grasps intermediate vocabulary and past, present and future tenses and can hold a basic conversation.

Candidate has complete confidence in most verb tenses and an ease of use with all facets of the language, including the ability to communicate via reading, writing and speaking.